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>10K words (multi-chapter fics)

Human Xperimentation (M, 18 chapters, 40k words, ongoing)
Tags: **#Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings ** #Angst #PTSD #Implied/Referenced Torture
. . An angsty thriller told from Asuna's pov. Best described as "If a Danny Phantom Dissection Genre fic escaped into Ultraman"; A distressed Daichi and X recover from some less than humane experiements that have left them stuck in Daichi's destroyed body.
Ultra Galaxy Scramble (G, 10 chapters, 16k words,)
Tags: #Crossover #Comedy #Body Swap #Comedy
. . A multi-show crossover featuring the protagonists from Ultraman Ginga to Ultraman Taiga (8 people total). A chaotic body-swap fic where everyone has no clue what they're doing.
Parabolic Charge (T, 3 chapters, 8.5k words,)
Tags: #Vampire!X #self indulgent as SHIT #expect tonal changes it goes from thirsty to wholesome to angst to found family
. . AU of Ultraman X that takes place post-movie. An injury from the Ultra flares only revealed once he'd gotten a physical form back results in X needing to drink energy from Daichi to stay alive.

>10K words (1-3 Chapter fics)

Linking it Together (T, 3 chapters, 8k words)
Tags: #Identity Reveal #Improvised medical treatment
. . two short one-shots where Daichi's friends realize his secret, and one where Daichi realizes his feelings for X. AKA Daichi is bad at hiding his secret but that's ok, the Lab team is like family.
Freeze Shock (T, 1 chapter, 5k words)
Tags: #Hypothermia #Cuddle or Die
. . One-shot where I took out my frustration at how cold I was on my faves. Features at least 6 whole hours of me researcing how hypothermia effects the human body for this one fic.
Taiga to Taiga (G, 1 chapter, 5k words)
Tags: #Hypothermia #Cuddle or Die
. . It's been a long day for Nozomu Taiga. after the whole 'Saga' thing, He just wants to go home and sleep off his headache more than anything.
It's too bad he gets caught up in a mixup between Zero and some other Ultraman. Something about the son of Taro?
This might take a while.

>2K words (one-shots)

Meowquette Monsters (G, 1 chapter, 1.9k words)
Tags: #Cats #if your coworkers turn a data reading of your alien form into a cat is it weird
. . Hibino Mirai pets a cat based off his alter-ego Ultraman Mebius. That's it. That's the fic. Oh, and he tries to feed it curry. that's an important part too.
The Pacer Test (G, 1 chapter, 1.5k words)
Tags: #The FitnessGram Pacer Test #Crack Treated Seriously
. . The day Daichi has been fearing for over a week has now come to pass:
the day he must take The Pacer Test with everyone else at Xio.
A Very Dogen Christmas (G, 1 chapter, 1.8k words)
Tags: #Christmas #KFC
. . It's December 24th, Christmas Eve. What better way to celebrate than the Japanese Christmas tradition of KFC?

1K words or less (flash fics)

Ultraman Titas - Personal Gym Trainer (G, 1 chapter, 1k words)
Tags: #crossover #fluff #no ellipticals were harmed in the writing of this fic
. . Ultraman Titas opens a personal trainer business, hoping to get other tokusatsu heroes in shape like he is. First on his list: one Nogami Ryotaro.
Snack Break (G, 1 chapter, 700~ words)
Tags: #Flash Fic #Family #liiiiil smidgeon of sadness #but mostly fluff
. . Marie and Ken bring the Tri Squad some snacks while they play games one day.
Ultraman Melos: Flat Earther (G, 1 chapter, 420 words)
Tags: #Crack #Conspiracy Theories
. . Despite having seen Earth from space multiple times, Melos is determined his theory is correct, much to Zoffy's annoyance.


Hello! My name is Taya and I'm a 25-year-old artist from Canada. I use She/her pronouns and am ace/aro. I like making things; art, plush and stories in particular. I'm really bad at writing about myself so hopefully, this doesn't sound too incomprehensible. Writing about fictional characters is easy. Writing about myself? Impossible.I'm a big fan of Tokusatsu, and while I mainly focus on Ultraman, I also enjoy Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. I also play a lot of video games & watch cartoons from time to time. You can see more specifics of some of my fave things in the interests tab of this carrd.I love making fan merch. it's so fun. designing things my beloved. wish I had the money to make things real. tsupro if you're out there let me make merch for you. Keychains, plushies, buttons, all of it. if I had the power to make action figures I'd try that too.OH i love itabags and itabagging too. it's so fun. EXPENSIVE, but fun. it's just a silly little bag full of merch of your fave. A portable shrine to show off at conventions. you can have an aesthetic bag that looks lovely, a crowded chaotic mess of love, a jumble of random unrelated things that make your heart happy? All VERY good and i love talking and sharing itabag stuff.If you ever want to talk feel free to shoot me a DM! I'm always down to chat in my free time, and it's always neat to talk with people around the world. I may not always have the most riveting topics to talk about, but i'm always down to vibe.anyway yeah idk what else to say here. as i said i'm bad at writing about myself. uuuh black lives matter, trans rights.


I'm pretty all over the place, sorry my interests are chaotic. Ranges from Childhood nostalgic shows to current hyperfixations. Bold titles are super faves, and Italics are currently watching.
Live Action
Ultraman (seen: Cosmos, Max, Mebius, Ginga, Ginga S, X, Orb, Geed, R/B, Taiga, Zett, Trigger, Decker, Blazar)
Kamen Rider (Den-o, Decade, W, OOO, Fourze, Wizard, Gaim, Drive, Ghost, Ex-aid, Build )
Super Sentai (ToQger, Luppat, Zenkaiger)
Dogengers (S1)
Yugioh (S0 + Duel monsters)
Mob Psycho 100
Danny Phantom
Netflix Carmen Sandiego
Video Games
Splatoon (1, 2, Octo Expansion, 3)
Animal Crossing (PG, WW, CF, NL, NH)
Pokemon (Pearl, Platinum, Black, Y, Omega Ruby, Moon)
Kirby (Air Ride, SSU, Squeak Squad, TD, SA)
Professor Layton (CV, DB, UF, LS, MM, AL)
Luigi's Mansion (1, 2, 3)
Mother 3
Muramasa the Demon Blade
Epic Mickey (Oswald my beloved, I hate d*sney the company tho)
Sewing & Knitting

commission info


. . I like to replicate official plush styles for characters who haven't gotten official plush releases and/or Original Characters. I currently offer a few styles: Chibi plush, Tsums, Tomonui, Nesoberi and Kaiju. Prices are a rough estimate and may increase/decrease depending on character complexity.Chibi Plush (16 cm tall - $150)
. . Officially, they're just called ' chibi plush'. I sometimes refer to them as Tokusatsu plush for two reasons - to differentiate them from other styles, and because this is the style the big 3 Tokusatsu shows (Kamen Rider, Super Sentai & Ultraman) use for their official plush. They have a small pellet bag in the butt, so they sit up well on their own. Lately, I've seen a few anime plushies in this style (notably, Demon Slayer)

Tomonui ($150)
. . Commonly seen for Jump! manga/anime, they're about 18 cm tall and feature a chibi body. Official releases usually have a ball & chain keychain on the head, and they're popular for being slightly flat-ish and able to squeeze into itabags with deeper windows nicely

Nesoberi ($150)
. . Most famous for this style is the Love Live plushies. A style where the character is laying flat on their chest, using their hands to support their head. Eye styles for this plush vary wildly, from standard anime eyes to OvO faces. Official Nesoberi sizes go all the way to Terra size (100 cm long), however, due to embroidery machine side limits, I only offer Normal size (15~ cm long)

Tsumtsum ($50 )
. . Also known as Mochi Mascot to some, These tiny logs are palm-sized and super cute. Stackable and easy to squeeze into small gaps. the sort of plush you want an army of to just shove your face into.

Misc (200$)
. . While not any particular style, this option is a general baseline estimate for if you want me to make you a plush based on something less humanoid (ie kaiju, animals etc)

Coming soon
. . AKA I'm still figuring out the pattern for these styles/making examples for my portfolio! you're welcome to request plushies in these styles, but I don't have many example pics yet.
FuwaFuwa (150$)
. . based on the Ultraman M78 Love and Peace drawings, Fuwafuwas are handheld fuzzy friends that have captured the hearts of Ultraman fans everywhere. Due to the nature of the fabric used to make them & the simplified designs, I don't plan on making human characters like this.


Still working on this section, check back later ^^;
tldr; I do art coms (may offer custom merch coms in the future!)


Still working on this section, check back later ^^;
tldr; I don't take writing coms often,

Fave charas

hello yes this is my most unhinged page of my carrd; where i show off all my blorbos. I'll update this haphazardly don't worry about it.
All of this is just to say "expect the most random RTs of art of these characters at all times."
some are ships? but most of the duos are "I like them when they are together, as friends."
❤️ = super fave
👜 = I itabag for this chara